Topologies, recent paintings by Sharon Feder

These paintings, all completed during 2012, are an extension of the artist’s previous six year’s work. Here Feder expands her study of space and place and the interplay between them. These powerful, large scale panels are composed of multi-dimensional planes that build and break apart; fractal views into the larger world. Reflective of Feder’s own philosophy, these paintings demonstrate that the choices we make in each moment eventually determine how our visual world is structured.

About her work, the artist says:

Humanity is archival, like the strata that compose the earth beneath us. Our structures and art, superfund sites to cathedrals, exist because of us. The things we create form layers upon the earth, reflecting humankind, interwoven with the natural world that birthed us.

We make the marks we make, like the creases in one's face, witnessing and demonstrating the story of each life. We won't be here forever. We can't be. It is not tragic.

The paintings in the series, “Topologies”, ask questions: what will the layers of our own existence look like in one hundred years, in one hundred thousand years? Will our leavings appear gem-like, as petrified dinosaur droppings; provide essential fuel to some distant descendants; or when excavated, simply disappear into the air?

Our choice is whether to exist in fear or to see our existence as a celebration of our existence. Life is archival.

A Celebration of Winter Solstice will be held on Dec 21, 2012. A closing reception will be January 4, 2013 from 6-10 p.m.

split, 80" x 60" second story, 40" x 60" Building No. 29, 36” x 48”    oil Building No. 32    36" x 48" Building No. 33    48" x 72" Constructional Dimensions Building No. 30, 48” x 72”   oil