"The Naturalist's Notebook" , new paintings by Kevin Sloan

Opening Reception is on Friday January 18th, 6-10 pm

Ironton is proud to host Kevin Sloan's exhibit "The Naturalist's Notebook". This is the artist's first solo show in Denver.

The paintings, completed in the past 2 years, explore his continuing interest in naturalist art, the Age of Discovery and the challenges facing the natural world in modern times.

In his self-described "allegorical realism" style, Sloan portrays a variety of flora and fauna in theatrical tableaus. Occasionally referencing artists Martin Johnson Heade and Audubon, animals are seen interacting uneasily with items of contemporary life like clocks, power cords, books and antique china. These interactions create a quiet tension and sometimes humor as we witness these odd dramas before us. In a recent interview in American Art Collector magazine Sloan says of the animals featured in this body of work:

"They fumble with measuring devices and collect timepieces... they stare bewildered at piles of clocks and books. In these small dramas, they actively participate in the world of modern things but with a child-like irreverence. These objects, often so valuable and revered by us are just more things to stumble over and attempt to make sense of in the animal world."

Kevin Sloan has exhibited extensively nationally and his work is in numerous private and public collections worldwide including The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Tucson Museum of Art, New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe and Phoenix Art Museum.

For additional information please contact kevinpsloan@gmail.com and visit kevinsloan.com


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