Opening Friday, September 16th, 6-10pm

Not All Borthwicks Were Noblemen

New Work by Bradley Borthwick
September 16th through October 22nd, 2011
Also open First Friday October 7th, 6-9 pm

Flodden, Scotland, provides the historical context for Not All Borthwicks Were Noblemen, where family ancestry, the material indexes of past violence, and wordplay charge the site with mythic significance. Borthwick uses the English longbow and site to develop a narrative that reminds us of other quiescent histories buried in the landscape. As a consequence of this partially obscured practice he employs the conventions of documentary film as a means of indexing the traces of his actions and as further sites onto which viewers can project narratives. Viewing this index is made possible through the digital transfer of 8mm film and its projection within the gallery, in addition to the display of the artifacts utilized throughout the original performance.

Borthwick’s sculptural practice results from an interest in the conceptual and material significance of pre-industrial objects. This has meant that his work has taken forms such as historical research, material experimentation, performance, and photographic documentation. As a means to understand pre-industrial ways of making, Borthwick constructs his works using primary materials: wood, bronze, beeswax, stone, and leather. Borthwick is interested in the constructed object’s potential to refer to a shared pre-industrial past, and in the possibility that his practice present a critical alternative to contemporary mass production.

Bradley Borthwick resides in Denver Colorado, having arrived there nearly three years ago from Ontario, Canada. Borthwick received his Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture at Cornell University and has exhibited his sculptural and installation based works in Denver, New York, and abroad. He has recently returned from a stone-carving residency in county Donegal, Ireland. While fulfilling faculty appointments with the University of Colorado Denver and Metropolitan State College of Denver, Borthwick shares his aspirations and finds inspiration with his wife, Monique.