Double Entendre - CraigRobbMarieGibbons

Ironton Studios presents a collection of new works by local artists Craig Robb and Marie Gibbons. Two different artists with visually diverse styles and yet there is a strong thematic connection between their works.

Opening reception is on Friday, February 26 from 6 to 9 pm.
The show runs from February 26th to April 3rd, 2010.

Robb: This body of works continues the artist’s exploration into how things are connected, both literally and figuratively. Within this body of work I’ve included objects that, with their inherent symbolism, develop metaphors about issues and ideas that are important to me. The combination of wood and curved steel are utilized as both compositional elements and to create spaces for these objects to reside. I have always been interested in how objects function within a given space; how they occupy it and the relationships created with the other objects in that space. Because of the broad range of symbolism, these sculptures can speak on many different levels and to many different people.

Gibbons: Most often, the creation of a new series develops from the written and/or spoken word. These particular works began from the phrase The one that got away [or did it] and additionally, the idea of preservation -- of memory, history, or as a means of self-protection. A combination of specific, created objects in clay, along side found objects of mixed-media, and beeswax, narrate the idea of absence, loss, growth -- changes -- and question if one really looses something/someone if the memory of that thing is preserved, kept alive, in our minds, hearts, lives -- or if it is simply frozen in an altered state.

In addition to their individual works, Robb and Gibbons have also assembled several Still-life conversations by grouping individual works, creating singular conversations through the concept of a Still-life presentation.