Homeward is to Bound as Mourning is to Longing

An Installation by Rori Knudtson and Joseph Juhasz

Opening Reception Friday December 4th from 6-9 pm

Artist Rori Knudtson and environmental psychologist and photographer Joseph Juhasz present a collaborative installation that questions their individual perceptions of home and longing—impermanence manifested in materiality.

Homeward—toward home; Bound—bondage, with a single bound, bounded; Mourning—the act of sorrowing; Longing—a strong desire especially for something unattainable.

Perhaps for all that we are all homeward bound—it remains the goal we struggle to realize—you may say that this is immaterial, but that is not the point, for the world is composed of parallel invisible and visible aspects—and finally we sculpt the invisible as it sculpts us.

There is no place like home. But in our constructed realities, perhaps, there is no home; we merely effort to (re)create a memory. In Victor Fleming’s The Wizard of Oz, the film adaptation from the book by L. Frank Baum, Dorothy is trying to make her way back home. She is homeward bound—longing and all the while mourning. This parallel of the constructed reality skews the viewers’ perception of what is home. Dorothy is trying to make her way back to a place that may be merely an illusion.

Joseph B. Juhasz is Professor of Architecture and Environmental Design at UCD
Rori Knudtson is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Art at the Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Artist Talk, Fire, and Winter Solstice

Monday December 21st at 6pm.
Join us after work with Joe and Rori as they discuss their work and creative lives.
Refreshments and fire will be served.

The exhibit runs through January 9th 2010.

Note: Joseph Juhasz was interviewed on KGNU's metro arts program on January 1st, 2010. The interview is available from the KGNU archives.