the passage project
d r a w

installation and performance by
Dawn McFadden and friends

Friday, December 5, 6-10 pm opening reception, performance & participation
The show runs December 4, 2008 through January 10, 2009

In collaboration with visual artists, writers, musicians, students and audience, Dawn McFadden presents participatory art-narrative experience. Drawing and performance events happen throughout the run of the show, please visit the blog at for event updates.

McFadden creates a live drawing-story via a life-size wooden boat and continuous paper scroll. The installation/participation/performances serve as a metaphor for the cycle of creating art and become a link between the concept and content of the finished work. A series of events are scheduled to produce a collective work of art over the course of the exhibit.

A large wooden boat-form, with a silken hull stands still in the middle of the gallery.
A solitary figure is seated in the boat, working at a curious desk. From the tabletop, a long white scroll extends upward, reaching toward the ceiling. Layered with accumulated, drawings and writings, the scroll moves forward, dipping down to unfurl and collect along the concrete floor.

McFadden believes that rituals define who we are and what we do. As each artist takes a turn sitting at her desk in the vessel, they enter a mythical space – a safe place to record, wish or describe. Each participant becomes both the protagonist and author of the story as they draw, write and assemble imagery onto the paper scroll. As the work progresses, the actions of this sequence speak more about unconscious systems and the process of making art than actual representations, leaving the character of the final drawing to be revealed over time.