presence and absence
an exhibition of new work by Tonia Bonnell and Mindy Bray

presence and absence centers on the theory of emergence as a shared sensibility.

Emergence reveals the interdependence of whole and part; the way in which each whole contains individuals, and each individual contributes to the creation of a whole. The shape and energy of a hurricane, the geometry and function of a beehive, or the flight pattern of a murmur of starlings are all examples of emergent behavior, which describes a shared process in Tonia and Mindy’s work.

Tonia begins her images with a consistent and basic mark, allowing an image to emerge from the massing and layering of individual parts, and Mindy begins with a whole photographic image, and through scrutiny, disassembles it into an invented, particular vocabulary of individual shapes. In effect, Tonia’s work is constructed from the part to the whole, and Mindy’s work is a sort of deconstruction, from the whole to the part.

In both Tonia and Mindy’s works, the strength is that through the process of viewing, the images oscillate freely between the two states; whole image and particular mark.

presence and absence will open Friday, April 9 at Ironton, with a reception from 6-9pm, and will run until May 15. There will be an artist talk with Tonia and Mindy for First Friday, May 7th at 7 pm.

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