Exhibit Dates: July 31st through September 5th, 2009
Opening July 31st, 7-10pm
Ironton will be open on First Friday, August 7th, 7-10pm

Big-Lots: New Paintings by Wendi Harford

Ironton is pleased to host big-lots, an exhibit of new canvasses by Wendi Harford. In these paintings subdued grays and neutral colors contrast with animated forms and calligraphic brushwork creating elegant and challenging compositions.

Many of the paintings, some measuring as large as 9ft x 7ft, are at once familiar but with further viewing their content deepens; patterns emerge, depth is questioned and color becomes elegiac. The title of the assembled pieces, big-lots, reinforces the dialogue in the works where familiar expectations are upended.

Harford’s studio is at Blue Silo in RiNo where she has over 1000 sq feet of studio space that she dedicates largely to creating one large canvas at a time. Originally from New York, she completed independent studies at S.V.A. and New School (formerly Parsons).


Pressure DropPressure Drop by Wendi Harford