The Art of Saming
Sharon Feder - Solo Exhibition
October – December, 2010 Ironton Gallery

from "The Analysis of Beauty" by William Hogarth:
“The second major principle of beauty is variety. It is the source of beauty, which Hogarth shows us by the contrary notion of ‘sameness’: ‘sameness’, a lack of variety, offends the senses… In contrast, our senses find relief in discovering a certain amount of ‘sameness’ within a varietal experience.”

Informal: monotonous, repetitive, unvaried

In The Art of Saming, Feder takes a careful and caring look at the epidemic of homogeneous architectural forms which have been consuming our lands. Within the superficial uniformity, Feder finds a symphony of color and geometry and movement. In exploring these constructions, a sense of balance and harmony emerges, like expected punctuation in a paragraph; places to pause and regroup and to say "I know this...” And this serves to connect us, in a most unlikely way, one to another.

The primary focus of the series is the paintings themselves and the articulation of abstract forms which interpenetrate and overlay our concrete reality. By mediating ubiquitous and unsightly architectural forms through this work, Feder is able to examine fundamental concepts of aesthetics, the duality of the “beautiful” and the “ugly”.

Commenting about this series of paintings Feder says, “There is this life. And this life is ‘for’ me – every image, presence, and event is ‘for’ me to learn from and to grow within. By exploring the beauty within a visually offensive environment, I am able to explore these dualities within myself.”

These paintings continue her ongoing reflection on The American West in the 21st Century and contribute to a dialogue about what has gone awry as we wake from our gilded space-age dreams to the realities of our new century.

The structures from which Feder paints evince a culture which prioritized functionality and produced designs to serve the necessity of this function. Our current culture prioritizes greed and is generating a suitable aesthetic. It is in recognizing and reconciling these dualities that the artist finds her inspiration.

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