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Jill Hadley Hooper

donna stephenson

September 26th through October 25th, 2008


new works by Donna Stephenson and
Jill Hadley Hooper

Opening Reception:
Friday September 26th, 6 -10 pm

(We'll be watching the presidential debate in the Blue Door Media Room)

Open First Friday:
Friday October 3rd, 7 -10 pm

Ironton Studios is open
Monday through Friday from 10 to 4, and
Saturdays from 12 to 4.

Retreat is an installation of two artists’ work, one presenting large-scale monochromatic prints of rustic, decaying buildings, and the other offering expressively painted deep forest scenes. The result is an investigation into impermanence using one place, a forest, through two perspectives.

Hooper’s dwellings, in various states of disrepair, offer the opportunity to recognize change and natures steady hierarchy. In one painting fragments of Carl Sandburg’s poem, "Grass", are woven into the mortar and stones of the edifice:

“I am grass I cover all.
I am grass, let me work.”

The forest paintings by Stephenson represent idealized nature. In contrast to the buildings, they are lush and colorful. The forest offers the possibility of both discovery and loss. They are alive and dark and are where all the good stories start. And, in the end, the woods will reclaim the efforts at constructing in their midst.

The Artists:
Donna Stephenson (formerly Donna Van Horn) is an accomplished oil painter with a direct and spontaneous style.

Jill Hadley Hooper is a painter and illustrator.

Donna and Jill met in 1982 at the Kansas City Art Institute. Donna was old enough to buy beer, Jill had a car.

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Next up at Ironton:

October 31st - November 29th, 2008

Sharon Bankert

site specific installation

Ironton Studios is open
Monday through Friday from 10 to 4, and
Saturdays from 12 to 4.


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November 2007 Sporting and Recreation, Furniture by Chase DeForest
September 2007 Mum Immortals, Stone Sculpture by Dan Brandemuehl
August 2007 Digit-all Art, Jerry De La Cruz
July 2007 Glacial, Tim Berg and Bob Koons
June 2007 New Works, Heidi Jung and John Ferguson
April 2007 Since the House is on Fire let us Warm our Hands, Sharon Feder and Mike Mancarella
March 2007 Recurrent Nightmare, an installation of miniature proportions by Chelsea Hunt
February 2007 NEMESIS, new paintings by Robin Schaefer
January 2007 Iron, Et Cetera, curated by Rian Kerrane and Mark Guilbeau
December 2006 IAMAMAN, Charles Counter, Randy Brown, and Stan Meyer
November 2006 Eudora's Belles, Patricia "Murph" Murphy
September 2006 In the Between, Jill Hadley Hooper
August 2006 ...and we all fall down, Sharon M Bankert
July 2006 Derniers Soupirs, Viviane Le Courtois
June 2006 Ironton Group Show 2006
May 2006 "Year of Art, Year of Words", Disparate Women
April 2006 "Reflections", John Ferguson and Phyllis Ryder
March 2006 Between Words, Emily vonSwearingen and Jake Adam York
February 2006 Considering the Sublime, Scott Engel and William Sutton
January 2006 Marking Three Paths, Bill McDonald, Jennifer Bowes, and Tonia Bonnell
November 2005 Nothing of Their Being Red, Robin Schaefer and Syrie Kovitz
September 2005 Paper Sky, Peter Arcidiacono
August 2005 Between Elements, Sharon Feder and David Walter
July 2005 Ironton Group Show 2005
May 2005 Ecoficial, Tim Berg
April 2005 Dual Nature, Sharon M Bankert and Michelle Barnes
March 2005 Functional Shift, Kim Ferrer
February 2005 Walking Through, Judy Anderson and Ginny Hoyle
January 2005 Borrowed Light, Marina Graves, Gwen Laine, and Ron Pollard



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