Heidi Jung's love of plants and insects began at an early age and serves as both her inspiration and subject matter. Classically trained as a photographer, Jung continues to see the world through a lens; aesthetically bringing a mix of detail, light and movement to the foreground for the viewer.

Like many contemporary artists, Jung's connection to nature is both highly personal and unconventional; incorporating ink, and charcoal her works imply nature’s inherent mystery and ambivalent ferocity.

Jung's artwork resides in many collections including the Four Seasons Beaver Creek , the Hyatt San Diego, and, Libeskind designed Museum Lofts in Denver Colorado. She also has works in the personal collections of Prince Bandar of Saudia Arabia and Kelsey Grammar to name a few.

For more information on Heidi's work, visit her website at www.heidijung.com

milkweed PR jade grass II frou frou clam island chestnut beyond the fence artichokes allium